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We know you want your packaging to be perfect. That’s why we offer a variety of sample options to help you make the best decision.

Need to see if your product fits just right? Want to check out how your design looks printed on a box? Our samples let you test everything before you place a full order. Browse our selection and choose the sample type that’s perfect for your needs!

Sample Kit - Experience Our Quality Firsthand

Get a closer look (and feel!) for our top-selling boxes and printed packaging solutions. This sample kit lets you experience our production quality firsthand. See the materials, printing details, and construction up-close before you commit to a full order.

Reimbursed at 500 and up

Digital print proof

A flat 2D printout of your artwork in CMYK on special paper. Done with digital printer, it shows colors closest to the final product.

USD 29.00
Reimbursed at 500 and up

Structural sample

Unprinted prototypes, showcasing only structure, offer the perfect way to assess your packaging’s size and form.

USD 39.00
Reimbursed at 500 and up

Simplified sample

Basic prototypes of your packaging, printed without any added finish, allow you to directly see your designs on the final product, but they lack any special finishes.

USD 59.00
Reimbursed at 5000 and up

Pre-Production Sample

Produced and printed using production facilities. See exactly how colors, finishes, and embellishments will appear on the finished product.

USD 149.00
Reimbursed at 5000 and up

Press Proof

2D printout of your artwork in CMYK/Pantone colors, produced using the actual production grade printing method in for accurate color verification.

USD 300.00

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