Custom & Cardboard Display Boxes

Custom Display Packaging

Stand out with eye-catching cardboard display boxes! From store shelves to trade shows, these displays showcase your products beautifully. Perfect for lightweight items like spices, sauces, or beauty products, these boxes put your product front and center, boosting both sales and brand recognition.

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Choose Your Display Box

Below are some of the custom printed display boxes styles to choose from.

Display Boxes

Display Box (With Dust Flaps)

Display Box (With Dust Flaps)

Display boxes with dust flaps feature an easy-to-use opening mechanism, with a large opening and dust flaps on two sides. These boxes are designed for quick assembly and folding by hand.

MOQ from 100 units
Display Boxes

Display Box (Without Dust Flaps)

Display Box (Without Dust Flaps)

These Countertop display boxes feature large openings with tear-away perforations for dust flaps. These boxes assemble easily by hand. Making them popular for seasonal and promotional items.

MOQ from 100 units
Display Boxes

Display Box (Machine Packed)

Display Box (Machine Packed)

Ideal for automated packing lines. These display boxes are designed for facilities with machines that automatically fill, seal, and display your products.

MOQ from 100 units

Technical Specs: Display Boxes

An outline of the common material and finishing options available for display boxes.


Display boxes, made with at least 50% recycled materials, come in varying thicknesses (300-400gsm) depending on their size.


High-quality printing results from using Solid Bleached Sulfate (SBS) paper.

Brown kraft

Unbleached brown paper, perfect for black or white printing only.


Each package is printed with soy-based ink, an eco-friendly option that results in notably brighter and more vivid colors.


CMYK stands as the most common and budget-friendly color scheme in printing.


For accurate brand colors to be printed and is more luxury than CMYK.


To keep your printed designs safe, a special coating is added that prevents scratches and scuffs.


A water-based coating that’s environmentally friendly, though not as protective as lamination.


While a plastic coated layer offers protection against cracks and tears, it is not an eco-friendly option.


Add the final touch to your packaging with a finishing option that enhances your overall package.


Featuring a smooth and non-reflective surface, this design provides an overall softer look.


Glossy and reflective, this surface tends to highlight fingerprints more.


Semi-glossy, striking a balance between a matte and glossy appearance.

Soft touch

Resembles a matte finish in appearance, yet has a luxurious velvet-like texture to the touch.

Get Started with Custom & Cardboard Display Boxes!

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Select the material

Pick the material for printing colors, text, or designs. All paper options boast at least 50% recycled content!


Select the print

Choose the material for your design. Don't worry about colors yet! After your order, a custom template lets you add your creations. Our team will guide you through this step.

Printing Option

Select the corrugation

Select the corrugation (wavy layers) to boost your box's sturdiness. This protects your product during shipping and stacking.

Corrugation Option

Select the coating

Choose protective coating to guard your printed artwork against scratches and nicks.

Coating Option

Select the finish

Finishes enhance the overall look and feel of the packaging.

Finishing Option

Select the color scope

CMYK works by blending different ink levels to produce various colors, similar to what you see with most printers at home or in offices. Pantone colors, however, come pre-mixed and adhere to a universal color matching system for unmatched precision. Generally, CMYK is the go-to choice, but Pantone is ideal for businesses that need the exact hues from the Pantone palette in their branding.

Color scope
* We use eco-friendly, soy-based ink that produces much brighter and vibrant colors.

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